Why 3v3?

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TECNIQ Football focuses mainly on the use of small sided games - in particular 3v3.

Why 3v3?

3v3 provides significant increases in the number of interactions within the game.

The smaller pitch and smaller number of players means more problems to solve, more decisions to make & more opportunity to create.

Here at TECNIQ Football our aim is to encourage creativity and a love of playing the game.

This is the base for our 3PLAY programme - to provide an environment for kids to explore, experiment, and play freely.

It's a movement to bring back the spirit of street football.


TECNIQ COACHING programmes are also based on the use of small sided games such as 3v3 -  again with a focus on encouraging players to be creative

Our approach aims to coach by introducing them to "concepts" which we design into our programmes to allow for individual solutions to game situations.

This is where the individuality and creativity shines through.