Who are we?

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"Football is about joy" - Ronaldinho


TECNIQ FOOTBALL was set up to make sure this joy is not lost.


It is owned by Darragh O'Reilly, a UEFA AUEFA Elite Youth A licenced coach .

Darragh has worked at all levels in Ireland, México & Thailand.


From beginners to senior professionals and current Irish & Thai internationals.


Darragh is  a firm believer in the benefits of small sided games.

The idea for TECNIQ FOOTBALL grew as a result of frustration.


A frustration at the over-coaching of young players at the expense of individuality & creativity.

A breeding ground for this creativity was once improvised street games.


Unfortunately these games have almost become a thing of the past.

We want to provide an environment which can go some way to filling this void..

Our aim is to promote creativity, expression and a love for the game.

With that as the goal TECNIQ Football was born......